Credit Card Payment Instructions

New Member

Step 1. Create a New Account

  • Enter your email address
  • Create your password
  • Click “Register” when done
  • Existing Member

    Step 1. Log into your existing account

  • If you haven’t logged in yet, please log in
  • Go to your Account Details page
  • Enter you Username and Password
  • Click “Log In” when done
  • Step 2. Add products to your cart and CHECKOUT

    Browse the store and add products to your cart like you would usually do. Once you are ready, completed the order with the Checkout.

    You will noticed a credit card payment option you can choose from

    Step 3. Start Verification Process

    Once you have selected this option, you will be required to enter the first and last name associated with the creditcard and begin the verification process.

    1. enter your Given Name (first name) in the field provided
    2. enter your Last name in the field provided
    3. then start the Veriff ID Verification process

    Step 4. Veriff ID Verification

    Once started, you will have two options to connect you to the Veriff ID Verification Session via your smartphone.

    1. scan the QR code with your smart phone camera
    2. enter your mobile number in the space provided, so Veriff can send you a link to your verification.

    ** Veriff is a third party ID verification software. For more information, please check them out at **

    Step 4a. Accessing the Camera on your smartphone

    Once you are connected via your smartphone, “” – the verification software will ask for access to your smart phone camera. Access is required so that the software can take an image of:

    1. the front image or you government issued ID
    2. the back image of your government issued ID
    3. a front portrait image of yourself

    All steps in the verification process

    Step 5. Verification and Confirmation Email

    Once the verification has been completed. It will take less that 2 mins for you to be approved. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address and you will have access to creditcard payments.

    Remember to refresh your screen or re-log into your account, so you can input your creditcard details into the fields provided.

    ***If after you complete the verification process and cannot access the creditcard feature, please contact us via live char or email

    Step 6. Entering your Credit Card Information

    Once you are verified, you will noticed the credit card payment gateway appear at checkout.

    1. Log into your account
    2. Add your products to your shopping cart
    3. Navigate to the checkout page

    ***If after you are verified and you still don’t see the credit card option, please contact us via live chat or email

    Step 7. Bank Statement

    On your bank statment, your purchase will appears as either;

    1. Veriff 1-855-837-4335
    2. Veriff 1-855-837-4335 North Vancouver BC
    3. Veriff ID

    If you every have a question regarding the charge to your statement, please do not hesitate to call the number provided, 1-855-837-4335, or contact us directly.